Monday, January 4, 2010

HandmadeMN giveaway

This bag is for the everyday angel and devil in all of us. It was created using an old pair of denim pants and a tie for the handle, and has a heavy duty snap closure just behind the original pants button. The Stafford tie is hand sewn to the bag and is extra long. This purse has 5 exterior pockets, and is embellished with an angel/devil patch and a small charm which was specially made for this bag! Stena has also included a mini Capri sun business or credit card holder and a larger Capri Sun bag. The card holder is lined with orange fabric, and has a velcro closure. The larger Capri sun bag is made from 4 pouches zigzaged together and has a zipper closure. This unlined bag has a place for all of your treasures!

How to Enter:
Visit Stena's shop, pick your favorite item and leave a comment on this post about it.

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